Ultimate Hostgator Review

Ultimate Hostgator Review


It was very stressful for me personally, The very first time I’ve purchased a domain and a hosting plan. I would select a terrible business that would turn out to be about a scamming spree, so that I’ve done a significant digging big hosting companies, reading what other bloggers and blogs said concerning the topic.

 This Is how I got to Hostgator. It was used by almost 90% of the bloggers I had honored and read from. It came to my head that I should utilize Hostgator, and here I am after three years, still with it, writing a review about the corporation. It could be one of the significant investments I’ve done over these years as an online blogger.


I still have some regrets regarding utilizing HostGator, and they are the fact that I’ve never used a voucher code, the fact that I’ve never tried to receive a smaller price for the packages. At the time I’ve believed the price offered with no voucher code to host my site was reduced enough. I haven’t even thought about the chance to pay as much as 25 per cent less for my purchase. Just so that you do not have the same regrets, here is a coupon code below, to utilize with your purchase. It will provide you with a 60% reduction in your full investment.


I’ve had a large number of websites in the previous three years, a number of them I’ve kept for the complete period, building them in successful projects. I can admit I’ve neglected, I’ve attempted and failed again until I’ve learned enough to be competitive with all the big names in the online world. In my understanding, I’ve assembled some tips about HostGator, that will allow you to get your site up and running in case you’re starting just now.


My Most Important goals with this Hostgator review would be the next:-

  • Educate you about the crucial benefits of HostGator hosting programs.
  •  Show you a video tutorial to help you set up a hosting account and set up WordPress (at the end of the post)
  •  Take you through the Actions required to build a site.
  •  Provide you with the very best coupon code available at this time for HostGator plans. Click on the image     below OR on the link under the picture. You can’t use both coupons at the same moment.


 I am sure hope that after reading this post, you will have a visible picture of the packages provided by HostGator. If you’ve already learned about them, you may use the discount link to set your new Hostgator account and begin your online business.


1. The Cost.

The prices provided for Hostgator private, business or reseller packages are ridiculously affordable. Its’ one of those few companies that offer a lot of services free, in this price, services like such as unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email addresses. I pay around 60$ per year for all of those and more. Adding a new domain and starting a new site is only going to take a few seconds. You barely see hosting companies to provide to host unlimited domains inside their lowest priced package.


2. The Fastest 24/7 Support Ever.

The Hostgator service is lightning fast. When I’ve first started using their solutions, being a beginner, I’ve talked together by phone quite a lot. I’ve shortly begun to understand that they were treating me as a buddy, not a customer. Whenever I’ve had issues, the assisted me in fixing them with step by step instructions. Contrary to other businesses, that response in 24/48 hours via email, they will immediately answer the phone and guide you in a matter of minutes.

 Difficulties when a big issue appeared. One time they had a problem with the servers, I needed to wait a full 30 minutes for someone to speak to me. They told me that they were talking to tens of thousands of their customers, that had the same issue as I had.

3. Loading Time and Hosting Stability.

 In 3 years of using HostGator, I’ve had two server difficulties, both of them fixed within that day, which means that, concerning stability, HostGator is not lying when telling people they have a 99% uptime. The upload and download times are very aggressive, and you know that ranking algorithms for most search engines take in the account the speed of a website. The more compact Hostgator package, the hatchling, offers the same rate as the most significant packages of different companies.

When This is only one of the facts that made many individuals move from GoDaddy into HostGator. GoDaddy wins at domain prices though. 

4. A Small info of the cPanel

 HostGator Prouds themselves to have one of the easiest to use cPanels available online. It’s a beautiful interface, and it can be used with minimal effort by any newcomer. It is possible to set up any CMS with only a couple of clicks, even WordPress, which will take around 30 mins to install by yourself.

 You, Will, have few to no issues creating new email addresses, either managing or adding new domains or performing some other jobs like using an FTP username. It uses AWStats for your traffic analysis, which will provide a clear perspective on the visitors received by your sites.


5. The Experience

I Used to have evil thoughts when it came to using a hosting account to manage my websites. It always felt like it should be a job for webmasters and specialists, understanding that any mistake could damage my site. When using HostGator, everything appears more straightforward. The interface makes it simple for a novice to utilise their services and that I understand that when I’d ever make a mistake, the HostGator support team will help me get it over. You don’t need to be an professional website developer to create your website. The most challenging step is to buy one of their bundles. You will find help with all the rest.


This is a private review made by a person using HostGator for over three decades. This site is hosted on a HostGator Baby plan. Be among the vast numbers of folks using Hostgator and eventually become an expert blogger.


Thanks for reading this review! I wish you good luck that you’re about to join the most significant community of bloggers and site owners, that will encourage you on your travels. Feel free to contact us with any questions or issues and make sure you check our other testimonials of the big names in hosting.

 That I’m not hiding the fact that should, You used my coupon codes, and I’ll find a small commission which will help me host. This website for a long time from now on. I thank you for that..

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